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Steven C. Miller to bring us a zombie apocalypse with Terminus

04.23.2013by: Ryan Miller

Written by Jeremy Lott and directed by Steven C. Miller comes the apocalyptic sci-fi flick TERMINUS which is being described as  “‘Walking Dead’ meets ‘Mad Max’ on crack with zombie cage fighting. This movie is the beginning of an action sci-fi franchise that shows how society continues after the zombie apocalypse” — very cool! I'd watch zombie cage fighting any day of the week!

Steven C. Miller certainly knows a thing or two about horror films as he's directed the likes of UNDER THE BED, THE AGGRESSION SCALE, and SILENT NIGHT. Miller's longtime manager Adam Goldworm is set to produce the film through Apeture Entertainment.

Right now the flick is currently out to select buyers and has a targeted budget of less than $10 million. Below we've got a very cool pitch reel for you guys to check out.

Extra Tidbit: Let us know what you think about TERMINUS!



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