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Stockwell's new Villian

11.03.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
John Stockwell may just be the next big name in horror, as TURISTAS opens in less than a month, and already word around the campfire is that it's 'good shit'. So it's no surprise that he's being tapped again for another horror-like flick entitled VILLAIN for 2929 Productions.

VILLAIN goes a bit like this:

What? I mean seriously, what the hell is that? Sounds like it could be cool, or it could suck, but either way it'll be filmed in Vancouver, BC, as it's the perfect location for anything set in the 'Pacific Northwest'. And what the heck is a 'forest-fire spotter'? By its name, it sounds like it's a person who sits around watching for fires... is that a real job??? Where can I sign up!

VILLAIN is set to begin filming early next year, which should give them enough time to round a cast together and other fun prep work. As I said before, TURISTAS looks like it'll kick a lot of ass, and so by default, VILLAIN should deliver the goods as well. I mean, why wouldn't it, right? TURISTAS hits theaters December 1st, and stick around for news and updates on VILLAIN as we hear it!



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