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Stranger in the Dunes teaser, starring Delphine Chaneac

01.02.2014by: Ryan Miller

There's a good chance that if you've seen Vincenzo Natali's SPLICE, then you'll likely remember the film's wicked creature, Dren, that was played by Delphine Chaneac. Now, Chaneac is back in the horror genre as she stars in the indie thriller STRANGER IN THE DUNES. We've got a teaser for you folks to take a peek at below, and while it only clocks in at 30 seconds, it gives us a look at some chilling visuals and plenty of the red stuff, which never hurts! Dig it below and see what you think!

Here's a synopsis that doesn't tell us a whole hell of a lot:

An old friend visits a troubled married couple at their beach house.

Written and directed by Nicholas Bushman, the film stars Delphine Chaneac, Andrew Hovelson, and Mike Dwyer.

Extra Tidbit: Tell us what you thought of the teaser for STRANGER IN THE DUNES!



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