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Suicide Squad's Karen Fukuhara, others cast in supernatural noir Stray

12.02.2016by: Brennan Klein
Stray Karen Fukuhara Christine Woods

Now here's a phrase you don't hear too often: "supernatural noir." That's the description of STRAY, the upcoming film from writing duo JD Dillard and Alex Theurer (SLEIGHT), which promises to be a mighty interesting concept. The film, which will be the directorial debut of Joe Sill, has already gathered a cast, which will include Christine Woods (Hello Ladies), Karen Fukuhara (SUICIDE SQUAD's Katana), singer-songwriter Miyavi (UNBROKEN), and Ross Partridge (Will Byers' father in Stranger Things).

STRAY centers on orphaned teenager who forms an unlikely friendship with the detective investigating her mother’s murder, and together uncover the supernatural force that threatens her family.

STRAY is being produced by Dillard and Theurer via Engineer alongside Eric B. Fleischman and Sean Tabibian’s Diablo Entertainment.

Christine Woods
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Source: Deadline



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