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Summit lands deadly alien comic Area 52 with plans for live action feature

09.27.2011by: Jake Dee

As Oren Peli fumbles around with his take on AREA 51, Summit Entertainment has just acquired screen rights to AREA 52, a four-part comic series the studio intends to turn into a live-action feature. Wonder which will be better...if not released first!

Published in 2001, the Brian Haberlin comic focused on a top secret warehouse in Antarctica called Area 52, a government storage dump for otherworldly discoveries, manned by a ragtag group of misfits who have been exiled to the middle of nowhere to staff it. When an alien killing machine is accidentally hatched in this repository, the group must band together and use the stored mythological weapons and artifacts to save themselves and the world.

Word is Summit is just now looking for a writer to adapt the four-part series into a filmable clip. Power producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura is producing alongside Benderspink.

As for the premise, it's got quite a hefty THING vibe, but sounds pretty solid. I particularly like the bit about mythological weapons and artifacts being used to save the world. WTF?

But what says you? Are you familiar with the AREA 52 comic? Either way, you think it'll make for a decent flick? As always, bloody reasoning below would be much obliged!

Extra Tidbit: Di Bonaventura is coming off of TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON, starring Rosie Huntington Whiteley (above).
Source: Deadline



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