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Supernatural-Cyberbully short film titled Viral getting adapted into a full length-feature from Screen Gems

12.14.2011by: Marcey Papandrea

I can imagine that student filmmaker Tim Scechmeister is on cloud 9 right now. His student made film that he co-wrote with his brother Matt titled VIRAL is getting adapted into a full-length feature. Screen Gems picked up the project; it had screened at a number of festivals and won some awards.

GRUDGE writer Stephen Susco actually discovered the short film during the summer, after Tim had given him his business card with the link to the film. In a strange coincidence the film is said to have a bit of a J-Horror vibe, and GRUDGE producer Roy Lee along with Lawrence Grey took it to Screen Gems.

Susco said: “I see a lot of student films and like to see what’s going on. I rarely see something as polished as this one. It strikes at the modern social media anxiety that really hits a hot nerve in this country. How young people communicate is changing and technology is altering the tenor of that communication—in many cases for the worse. And this is an opportunity to do something scary and really potent at the same time.”

The film goes for 11 minutes, here is the synopsis: A supernatural horror short about a case of mistaken identity, with terrifying consequences. Julia and Alexis are supposed to be studying. But Alexis gives in to the temptation to go online and provoke someone... or something... that should have been left alone.

Tim is going to direct the full-length version, and co-wrote the script with his brother. As I said he really must be on cloud 9 as this a huge break. You can find out about the film at its official Facebook Page. You can also watch the film’s trailer below.

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