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Supernatural thriller Don't Knock Twice adds Lucy Boynton and Nick Moran

07.23.2015by: Eric Walkuski


It's been two months since we last wrote about DON'T KNOCK TWICE, Caradog James' supernatural horror flick starring Katee Sackhoff. Today we learn the flick is still in motion, as it has added two new cast members.

Lucy Boynton (MISS POTTER) and Nick Moran (LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS) have joined DON'T KNOCK TWICE, which begins filming this week in Wales. The film follows...

a guilt-ridden mother (Sackhoff) who wants to reconnect with the daughter (Boynton) she was forced to place into care. To save her estranged daughter, she has to uncover the terrifying truth behind the urban legend of a vengeful, demonic witch.

Interestingly, Sackhoff (above) is only 14 years older than Boynton (below), who is playing her daughter. Can movie magic make the illusion believable?


Source: Variety



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