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Supernatural thriller Playback with Christian Slater gets a trailer

06.06.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

We haven't heard about PLAYBACK since it was announced back in September. Now that production is complete, the trailer for the independent supernatural thriller has been released. Check it out below, courtesy of IGN.

The film is written and directed by Michael A. Nickles. It stars Johnny Pacar, Toby Hemingway, Christian Slater, Ambyr Childers, Jonathan Keltz, Alessandra Torresani, Jennifer Missoni, Mark Metcalf and Daryl Mitchell. The producers are currently seeking distribution of the film.

While digging into their town's infamous past, a group of high school students unwittingly unlock an even darker secret. Now an evil spirit has been awakened to possess and destroy its victims through video playback, stopping at nothing to find his true heir.

Extra Tidbit: PLAYBACK is inspired by the mysterious disappearance of French inventor Louis Le Prince.
Source: IGN



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