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06.07.2008by: Jared Pacheco
Along with the new DARK REEL trailer, we also got a look at the trailer for the suspense thriller SUSPENSION.

SUSPENSION's synopsis reads: Daniel loses his wife and son in a car accident. While slowly recovering from his injuries, he rebuilds his son's video camera that was destroyed in the crash. Infused with power from the moment of the crash, the camera develops the ability to stop time when Daniel presses the pause button. This discovery restores Daniel's purpose, and he fills the vacuum in his life by taking responsibility for another victim, Sarah, a newlywed who lost her husband in the same accident. At first Daniel only watches her, then tries to improve her life in small ways. But using his power to "help" becomes an addiction, and the vastness of Daniel's power can do only one thing...corrupt him.

Not as cool as DARK REEL, but still sounds like it may be something. Obviously the whole 'able to stop time' thing has been done before, so here's hoping we get something fresh with SUSPENSION.

The flick is directed by Alec Joler and Ethan Shaftel from a script by Shaftel and Aris Blevins. It stars Scott Cordes, Annie Tedesco (below), Caroline Vinciguerra, Dan Nichols, and David Fritts.

So go ahead and click below to check out the trailer. You can also head over here to pre-oder the DVD now and to get a lot more info on SUSPENSION.

Source: AITH Videos



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