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SuVen Entertainment options murder mystery The Marigold Murders

06.25.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Upstart production company SuVen Entertainment has just picked up the option to Daniel Sorine's 2003 murder mystery THE MARIGOLD MURDERS.

Here's the book's bizarre synopsis: For NYPD Lieutenant Patrick Tomasini, a call from his uncle, Silver Lake's Chief of Police, Joe Tomasini, catapults him into a bizarre streak of brutal, unexplainable murders. Suddenly, the phobic Lieutenant finds his life entwined with a simple-minded deputy, two peculiar, young sisters who ride their bikes solely in the snow, a stunning and determined FBI agent, a seven-foot, art-loving madman, his Wagnerian-type wife living in amega-sized mansion, boundless snow drifts and thousands of mysterious marigolds.

No director has been announced as of yet. Producers are SuVen honchos Nicole Luccozzi and actor-writer Matt Sutherland.

The author is penning the screenplay with his son, Dan Sorine, and a start in late 2012 or early 2013 has been targeted.

Extra Tidbit: What's you favorite murder mystery novel?
Source: Variety



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