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SXSW Interview: Attack the Block director Joe Cornish!

03.24.2011by: The Arrow

There's no question about it: ATTACK THE BLOCK was the hit of SXSW. It premiered to a raucous packed house at midnight and any and all subsequent screenings were almost impossible to get into. While we haven't heard anything official on the film's US distribution yet, I've heard some very positive feedback and hopefully we'll get official word on that soon (I'm told the subtitles won't be an issue).

The day after BLOCK's premiere at SXSW, I had the chance to sit down with the film's writer/director Joe Cornish. He was still a little overwhelmed at the reception the film got the night before as we were talking that afternoon. We had to dance around a lot of spoilers but we talked about casting kids with no acting experience as his leads, working with producer Edgar Wright and the inspiration for his 80s monster movie throwback. Check it out below!



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