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SXSW poster for Joseph Kahn's horror/comedy Detention

03.08.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

Did you guys check out the trailer for DETENTION last week? There's been some buzz behind it, so give it a watch if you haven't yet. Today we got our hands on a new one-sheet for the flick, which will be playing next week at SXSW. Check it out below. Here is the plot:

A downtrodden 17-year-old girl is sent to detention where she must survive a slasher film killer and save the world in time for prom.

The slasher horror/comedy is directed by Joseph Kahn (TORQUE) off a script he co-wrote with Mark Palermo. It stars Josh Hutcherson, Shanley Caswell, Spencer Locke, Dane Cook, Aaron David Johnson, Parker Bagley, Alison Woods, Walter Perez and Carrie Wiita.

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