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SyFy Channel president talks remaking BBC's Being Human

03.31.2010by: Jared Pacheco

You guys remember way back in January? When I told you all how the SyFy Channel were planning on remaking the popular BBC series "Being Human?" Well I don't blame you if you don't remember, that shite was ages ago! So what's the deal with this thing?

If you're wondering as well you'll be happy to hear today we've got somewhat of an update from the guys over at iF Magazine. You see they recently chatted with SyFy president David Howe about the project and the man was kind enough to spill some details!

"You have to carry it out. I think the biggest challenge is how much do you take from it that’s there. Where are you getting repetitive and derivative and how do you not retread? We talked a lot about the U.K. OFFICE and the American OFFICE. So we’re about making it our own and yet holding on to what’s great about the original."

Howe goes on to talk about the writers behind the project (Jeremy Carver and Anna Fricke), where things are at with the project and where the series might take place. East Coast anybody? To check out the whole interview you can head right over HERE.

In the original supernatural series Lenora Crichlow (below), Russell Tovey and Aidan Turner star as three apparent twenty-something characters sharing a house in Bristol, trying to live a normal social life, despite being a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire. "Being Human" should be coming to SyFy within the upcoming season so be sure to keep it here for updates as we hear them!

Extra Tidbit: BBC's "Being Human" is gearing up for it's third season.
Source: IFMagazine



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