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Synopsis & promo poster for Filmax's creepy kid flick Childish Games

10.20.2011by: Jake Dee

From Filmax International comes a new creepy-kid flick called CHILDISH GAMES, written and directed by Antonio Chavarrias. With our first intro to the film comes a well delineated plot-crunch, as well as a look at the promotional poster. Both promising in my eyes!

Starring Juan Diego Botto, Barbara Lennie (below) and Marcia Perez - CHILDISH GAMES shapes up when:

Daniel receives an unexpected, and unwanted, visit from a friend who he hasn’t seen since his childhood. His friend is obsessed with his daughter and insists that Daniel has to meet her. Daniel does his best to get rid of him and tries to forget the incident. That same night his friend commits suicide.

Laura, Daniel’s wife, suggests they go to his friend’s funeral. There they meet his daughter, a little girl, barely seven years old, who since the death of her father has been taken into foster care. Laura convinces all parties that the best thing is for the little girl to go and stay with them.

But the little girl’s presence in the house starts to have an adverse effect on the couple when fears and memories which Daniel thought he had long since buried start to come creeping back inside his head. The same obsessions and fears that took the life of his friend start to take control of Daniel. A growing sense of isolation engulfs Daniel in the house, which until the arrival of the little girl, he had thought belonged to him.

Sounds pretty decent, ay? Perhaps we have another ORPHAN style creep-fest on our hands. Tim will tell!

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