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Synopsis & promo poster for urban legend horror flick Living Dark

10.28.2011by: Jake Dee

Never before have we heard of LIVING DARK, though it's based on an urban legend you might be familiar with. Let me ask, you recall the name "Ted the Caver"?

Well this ted fella is the subject of David Hunt's new horrific thriller LIVING DARK, which comes from New Films International. The flick is currently in production, but that isn't stopping us from relaying a plot synopsis and ominous promo art. Drink it all in and see if this sucker's buzzin'...

Based on the popular "Ted the Caver" Internet urban legend, The Living Dark tells the story of two estranged brothers, reunited for their father's funeral. Attempting reconciliation, the brothers stumble upon the sealed entrance to a nearby cave, where they are slowly forced to confront the true, nightmarish cause of their father's death.

Not bad, right? Cave films are always a tense watch, be it THE DESCENT or RAW MEAT. Hopefully LIVING DARK holds suit. Chris Cleveland, Matthew Alan, Circus Szalewski and Mark Hayter are the players we know about at this point.

Keep posted as we shed more light in LIVING DARK.

THE DESCENT hottie MyAnna Buring

Extra Tidbit: You like the idea of LIVING DARK.
Source: NFI



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