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Takashi Shimizu's undiscovered Alter Ego gets DVD release

02.06.2014by: Ryan Miller

Takashi Shimizu, director of the horror classic JU-ON, is about to see his undiscovered horror gem ALTER EGO get a DVD and digital release through Eagle One Meda who is proud to announce it will distribute the Japanese thriller to worldwide audiences for the first time. Takashi Shimizu was intimately involved as Supervising Director on ALTER EGO and the feature film has never before been released outside of Japan. The North America DVD release is set for February 18th with the film immediately available on digital platforms iTunes and Amazon Instant.

You can pre-order the film on DVD right HERE.

Set in an urban Japanese city, three young aspiring models are on their very first fashion shoot at an abandoned and neglected school one hot summer day. Without warning strange events begin occurring around the set that causes the models and photo crew to question their very sanity as one by one they begin dying an agonizing and painful death. Deaths seemingly caused by none other than themselves.

Produced by King Records the film features the involvement of some of the masters of today’s Japanese horror scene including Issei Shibata (The Locker, The Chasing World); Yukihiko Yamaguchi (Meatball Machine, Kai-Ki: Tales of Terror from Tokyo) along with actors Hideo Sakaki (The Grudge, Versus), Taro Suwa (The Grudge, Ring 2), Kanji Tsuda (The Grudge, Tokyo Sonata), Nobuko Sakuma, Chieko Kawabe (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon), and Sena.

Extra Tidbit: Have any of you guys had the chance to see this one?



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