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Take a Killer Holiday, poster & teaser trailer for the Marty Thomas flick!

08.16.2010by: Jake Dee

I know summer's on the wane, but y'all mofos got time to take a KILLER HOLIDAY?!?

Marty Thomas sure does, the director behind some of the most popular music videos ever assembled (including ones for Snoop, Xzibit, Madonna, Ice Cube, TuPac, Keane, et al.) His new destination couldn't be more straight forward, even if the vehicle hasn't much tread left on the tires:

8 teenagers, 2 weeks on spring break, 1 serial killer...priceless.

No, seriously, that's what the official Facebook page for the flick offers. Not that I'm offended, I'm always down with a brainless slasher effort...but I gotta say, homeboy on the cover rockin' Adam Lambert guy-liner is a little much...no?!?

Michael Copon stars as the man in makeup, not a shock since his prior credits include lengthy stints on "Power Rangers Time Force," "One Tree Hill," and something called BOYBAND. Clearly, I'm hoping this dude gets savagely desecrated...to death!

KILLER HOLIDAY, from Ridiculous Pictures, looks to release sometime in 2011.

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Extra Tidbit: Alison Haislip (above) aptly starred in Thomas' 2004 film HOTTIES!
Source: Facebook



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