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Take a minute to check out the Minutes to Midnight trailer

11.09.2015by: Brennan Klein

New Year's Eve is a relatively unexplored horror holiday, at least when compared to the dozens of Christmas horror stocking stuffers, but that's about to change. Christopher Ray's upcoming slasher MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT follows in the tradition of flicks like NEW YEAR'S EVIL and TERROR TRAIN by turning the end of the year into a countdown of carnage. In the official trailer, following its official screening at AFM, you can check out the group you'll be spending your last minutes with. Check it out below!

On New Year’s Eve, seven friends visit a ski lodge to celebrate the New Year. But before midnight can strike, they are systematically hunted down by a group of demented masked murderers whose cryptic agenda is more diabolical than anyone could ever imagine.

MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT stars William Baldwin, Bill Moseley, Richard Grieco, Viva Bianca, and Christopher Judge.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite New Year's film?



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