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06.09.2006by: Ammon Gilbert

A long, long time ago we heard that Dreamworks was planning on remaking the J-horror classic A TALE OF TWO SISTERS, with some speculation that the Olsen twins might have something to do with it.

Today we finally get to hear more about where Dreamworks is at with this remake. The Hollywood Reporter announced that Dreamworks will be pulling an ALIEN VS PREDATOR 2 on us, and are in talks with two directors to helm the gig. British brothers Tom and Charlie Guard, who've directed a couple smaller features together in the past, have been approached to take on these two mentally deranged sisters.

In a way, I scratch my head at this choice- why a couple of unknown directors for such a huge project? But in another way, I think it's pretty cool and it makes a lot of sense. Bringing in some 'fresh meat' to a tired J-horror remake craze might be just what we need to jump start it all over again. Plus, how cool is it that two brothers would be directing A TALE OF TWO SISTERS? I'm sure there's a marketing ploy in there somewhere.

Stay tuned as we find out when this begins official (most likely in the next couple of months), and prepare for A TALE OF TWO SISTERS sometime next year, as production is slated to begin this Fall. Now about casting those Olsen twins...



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