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Tap another look at Sienna Miller as Tippi Hedren from the Alfred Hitchcock flick The Girl

07.19.2012by: Jared Pacheco

Back in March we got our first look at Julian Jarrold's upcoming flick THE GIRL, which will of course follow the great Alfred Hitchcock's relationship with actress Tippi Hedren. That first shot we saw had Toby Jones as the iconic director and Sienna Miller as the beautiful actress. Now here we are with another look at Miller as the lovely Hedren!

In this new shot we've got Miller with the infamous crow hanging onto her arm. You can go ahead and peep that shite below, which comes at us courtesy of GraziaDaily. Pretty solid stuff, right?

Alfred Hitchcock (Toby Jones) was at the height of his fame and creativity when, in 1962, he chose an unknown fashion model to star in his most ambitious film – The Birds. But as he sculpted Tippi Hedren (Sienna Miller) into the perfect Hitchcock blonde of his imagination, he became obsessed with the impossible dream of winning the real woman’s love. His failure arguably destroyed both of their careers.

Along with Jones and Miller (below), the BBC project also stars Imelda Staunton and Penelope Wilton. Chances are THE GIRL won't be seeing a theatrical release but you can bet we'll keep you updated on any other news that rolls our way regarding the project.

Extra Tidbit: There's another flick in the works based on Mr. Hitchcock called HITCHCOCK, with Anthony Hopkins starring as the titular filmmaker.
Source: GraziaDaily



Spitting Bullets
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3:56PM on 07/19/2012
While I'm interested in the project Miller just plain annoys me. I hope she doesn't ruin this.
While I'm interested in the project Miller just plain annoys me. I hope she doesn't ruin this.
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