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Tarsem and Ryan Reynolds teaming for brain-swap mystery Selfless

04.25.2013by: Eric Walkuski

Tarsem, the wild visionary behind THE CELL and IMMORTALS, is looking to team up with Ryan Reynolds (not so much a visionary) on SELFLESS, an ambitious murder mystery written by CARRIERS scribes David and Alex Pastor.

SELFLESS focuses on a wealthy older man who discovers heís dying and pays to have his mind transplanted into a younger manís body. Turns out that body is a cadaver whose previous inhabitant was murdered. Soon, heís hunted by killers as he tries to get to the bottom of who took him out in the first place.

Love the concept, but I'm hoping the third act isn't just some trite guns-and-chases bollocks.

Endgame Entertainment and FilmDistrict will co-produce SELFLESS (they joined forces recently on Rian Johnson's LOOPER).

Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan of Tarsem's THE CELL?
Source: Deadline



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