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Taylor Kitsch offered lead role in The Raid remake

08.04.2014by: Jake Dee

LONE SURVIVOR and JOHN CARTER star Taylor Kitsch has been offered the lead role in THE RAID remake, so says The Wrap. Apparently no decision has been made yet by Kitsch, who not only wants more money for the part, but is also said to be considered for the second season of True Detective. Sounds like if he lands that highly coveted TV gig, THE RAID is out. If he doesn't, and the coin is right, he very well could be in. Both projects begin filming this coming January.

Patrick Hughes (RED HILL, THE EXPENDABLES 3) has been tagged by Screen Gems to direct the remake of THE RAID, doing so from a script adaptation by Brad Ingelsby. Here's the plotline of the original:

In Jakarta, Indonesia, Lieutenant Wahyu organizes the invasion of an apartment building that is the safe house of the powerful and cruel drug lord Tama and his gang. The SWAT team breaks in the building but one lookout sees and warns the gangsters and the police force is trapped on the seventh floor. They learn that Lt. Wahyu has not informed his superiors about the operation. Now the police officers have to fight with limited ammunition against the armed and dangerous gangsters.

Stay close for Kitsch's decision one way or the other...

Extra Tidbit: Which would you rather see Kitsch in: THE RAID or TD 2?
Source: The Wrap



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