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Taylor on to Shutter

01.19.2007by: Ammon Gilbert
We haven't had a remake of a Japanese horror flick in like 3 months, so here's an update on the latest Americanized J-horror that's in production right now. It looks like Rachael Taylor, who we last saw in

I haven't seen the original (like most white-boys out there), but that's still no good reason to remake the damn thing- it's only 3 years old!!! Anyway, SHUTTER revolves around a young American couple on their honeymoon in Tokyo who begin seeing ghostly images in their photos as well as around them.

Good thing they're calling it a remake, because if not I'd say this sounds suspiciously like FINAL DESTINATION 3, using the whole 'images in the photos' angle. Taylor plays the white American bride on her honeymoon- the groom has yet to be cast.

The good thing here is that Taylor is one smokin' hot chick who proved she could scream and act scared in SEE NO EVIL, so I guess there's one reason to want to check this out. That, and once it's released, they'll widely distribute the original on DVD. Filming starts next month in Tokyo. Stick around fore more updates on SHUTTER (like the casting of the male lead) as we hear it!



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