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Teacher won't leave them kids alone in trailers for The Lesson

01.20.2016by: Cody Hamman

Having made its world premiere at the Film4 FrightFest last year, actress Ruth Platt's feature directorial debut THE LESSON is headed to the Slamdance Film Festival this weekend, and a new trailer has been released for the film ahead of its Saturday, January 23rd screening. 

Intriguingly described as "a WHIPLASH for genre fans", THE LESSON stars Robert Hands as 

a bullied school teacher whose mental breakdown results in a terrifying and fiercely intellectual act of revenge on his students.

Embedded below is the new trailer as well as one that was cut together for the film's FrightFest debut. This definitely looks like one that will be worth checking out.

The UK distribution rights are in the hands of Icon Films, who are planning to release THE LESSON later this year.


Extra Tidbit: How does THE LESSON look to you?



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