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Teaser trailer for Chompers 3D, plus get a free pair of 3D glasses

03.24.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

The first teaser trailer for CHOMPERS 3D can be seen below. Not only will the movie be in three dimensions, but the video is too. If you don't have the red/blue glasses, the filmmakers will mail you a free (!) pair featuring the CHOMPERS logo. Click HERE to find out how. Here is the synopsis:

A new terror strikes the Pacific Northwest. Is it deforestation? Is it a tsunami? Is it a rash of politeness that borders on insanity? No, it's CHOMPERS 3D!

Chompers has been eating the neighborhood cats and people are starting to notice.

The film marks the feature debut of writer/director Jesse Blanchard, who is also producing with Jason Malone. You will also find an introduction to the picture from Blanchard below. The monster movie is expected out this fall. For more information, visit the official site.

Extra Tidbit: Any guesses as to what kind of monster Chompers is?
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