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Teaser trailer for Godzilla spoof Notzilla: Duke of the Monsters

04.29.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

While Legacy Pictures and Gareth Edwards are hard at work on their anticipated American remake of GODZILLA, Cincinnati-based production company Moriah Media is prepping a different take on the classic monster. NOTZILLA: DUKE OF THE MONSTERS is a spoof of the American version of the 1954's GOJIRA.

Patrick Warburton ("SEINFELD", "THE TICK") and George Takei ("STAR TREK") are attached to star. Writer/director Mitch Teemley pitched his script idea to Toho, the creators of GODZILLA. They weren't interested parodying their own work but did wish him well on the project.

Check out a teaser for the flick below. It was created as a sales pitch for potential investors, so nothing is finalized. If you're a fan of the old rubber suit daikaiju movies, you'll definitely get a kick out of it. Here is the extended synopsis:

In the future (1975), "brilliant young American scientist" Dr Dick Harvard leads a team of crack scientists in atomic testing (no one knows why) near Yomama Bay. The unexpected result (these scientists don’t watch enough B-pictures): a prehistoric egg is shaken loose, after being exposed to massive amounts of radiation. Of course.

Dick’s mentor, "brilliant old Japanese scientist" Dr Nissan Toyota, succeeds in hatching a dinosaur! But then it escapes, and begins growing at an alarming rate. Of course.

Dr Toyota wants to save the creature. But Dick is certain it will attack Tokyo. “Because that’s what always happens”. The two split up. Dick goes off to build his atomic molecule blaster, which he admits will leave a radioactive cloud over Tokyo for fifty years (“but after that you’ll never even know it was there”), while Toyota seeks a gentler alternative that will keep the monster alive.

Notzilla attacks Tokyo. Sort of. Actually he’s on a lark, playing with the miniature city, reversing toy trains, eating plastic soldiers, running a touchdown with a blimp under his arm. He parties hard while thousands of people run screaming in the streets (actually a couple dozen of the same people run screaming over and over again).

The army, led by General Buzz Kurosawa, is powerless to stop the monster (though Kurosawa, an amateur filmmaker, does get some great footage). Dick completes his controversial molecule blaster. He’s about to use it when Dr. Toyota shows up with his alternative device. In a rage, Dick accidentally turns the blaster on himself, resulting in his own over-the-top death scene—which schlock actor Raymond L. Suave had hoped would result in an Oscar nomination. It didn’t.

Toyota’s device stops Notzilla, but does not kill him, leaving the creature free to defend Tokyo from other latex monsters in the future!

The film is currently seeking investors for an expected $1.5 million budget. The tentative plan is to shoot the picture in 2012 and get a wide release in 2013.

Extra Tidbit: NOTZILLA will utilize vintage special effects techniques with no CGI - thank God!



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