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Teaser trailer for indie found footage alien flick 051: Confidential

05.04.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

The teaser trailer for Zeroinside Films and Pinnovating Productions' 051: CONFIDENTIAL can be seen below. The independent found-footage flick describes itself as THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT meets ALIEN. You buying that after watching the preview?

The film follows the events that befell a group of individuals in August 2001 who awoke to find themselves all stranded in a desolate area surrounding the military base known as "Area 51". That footage was later allegedly used in a Military Training video for new hires at the facility.

As they explore the landscape, attempting to find a way - ANY way - back to civilization, all outgoing transmissions "blocked" and all electrical equipment mysteriously malfunctioning, they come into contact with a mysterious Army Colonel who claims to have survived a "massacre" by extraterrestrials as well as a man named Lazar, who claims to have been a former employee of Area 51 and had disappeared years prior...

The picture is currently filming in Southern California and Nevada, near the actual Area 51 location. It is directed by Brandon Slagle, who co-wrote the script with Devanny Pinn. Slagle, Pinn, Wolfgang Meyer, Matthew Landon and Angie Johnson star. A fall 2011 release is anticipated.

Extra Tidbit: The character of Lazar is based on a real person.
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