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Teaser trailer for Troma & Astron-6 grindhouse film Father's Day!

01.31.2011by: Jake Dee

We don't often see a teaser trailer for a film after seeing the full length trailer...but when it comes to Troma, one thing's consistent. Expect the unexpected!

So here we are with a new teaser for the Astron-6 penned grindhouse feature, FATHER'S DAY, which is directed by the tri-headed beast of Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy and Conor Sweeney (who also star in the film). Short but nastily sweet...cop a dose of the new flickers underneath!

Here's a funny, verbatim Japanese translation of the films synopsis:

"A film about a rapist that go around raping father's. Ending where the victim seeks revenge. A classic tale with a twist. Of course, this is a comedy for our best enjoyment!"

Oddly, for a Troma film, that seems quite appropriate huh? Now only if the film is as entertaining...

Also featuring Mackenzie Murdock, Lloyd Kaufman, Jynx, Garret Hnatiuk, Andrea Felldin (below), Amy Groening and Meredith Sweeney - FATHER'S DAY opens on...you guessed it, Father's Day. The exact date is June 19th.

Click HERE to visit the films official site.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone seen the equally frightening 1997 Ivan Reitman comedy FATHER'S DAY, with Robin Williams and Billy Crystal? WOW!!!
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