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Teaser trailer & one-sheet pop up for bloody Chinese flick Mysterious Island

05.31.2011by: Jared Pacheco
When we here at AITH talk about genre flicks coming from China or Japan generally they're of the supernatural variety. Whether it be some freaky kid ghost or a creepy female, chances are if it's coming from Asia it's got the spooks. So when word drops on a project coming from China that has nothing to do with ghosts or the supernatural, well you can bet we're going to tell you about it!

I'm talking about a flick called MYSTERIOUS ISLAND, which is coming our way from director Kai Cheung Chung. Unfortunately we don't know much about the flick other than the fact that director Chung has said he's used flicks like THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and THE EVIL DEAD as inspiration. Not bad choices to feel inspired by if you ask me.

Now details might be scarce for MYSTERIOUS ISLAND but what we do have for you are a brand new one-sheet and teaser trailer for the flick! No use beating around the bush for this one any longer, the poster can be found directly below along with the teaser trailer, which can also be found over in our videos section.

Now we'll most certainly be keeping our eyes and ears open for more on MYSTERIOUS ISLAND so as soon as we come across any updates for the flick we'll be sure to shoot them your way!

MYSTERIOUS ISLAND (2011) - Teaser Trailer

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Extra Tidbit: What kind of Chinese/Japanese genre flicks do you dig more - ghost stories or gorefests?
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