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Teaser Trailer/Poster for French serial killer flick In the Shadow

03.13.2010by: Jared Pacheco

When an international flick crosses our paths here at AITH we almost always have to take notice. Why? Because that shite might be the next best thing! It's with that in mind that I bring you today's update for IN THE SHADOW!

So what's IN THE SHADOW? Well it's a French genre flick from director Paul Ozcan that stars Maximilien Poullein, Jordan Jones and Emmanuelle Coutellier (below). Ready for the rundown?

So as to gather pieces of evidence for their doctorate thesis, three criminology students go with a camera to the place where a notorious serial killer performed his murderous deeds. But they are about to realize that entering such a sanctuary does not come without consequences.

Intrigued? Below you'll not only find a nifty one-sheet for IN THE SHADOW but you'll also find the film's teaser trailer! Now what do we learn from this teaser trailer? I don't know about you guys but I'm getting a real BLAIR WITCH PROJECT feel, except instead of a witch we're dealing with a serial killer. ... Actually that might be kind of cool. What do you guys think? Hit us with your opinions below!

IN THE SHADOW has apparently finished filming and director Paul Ozcan is prepping that shite for a release later this year. Alright then. Hopefully we get more goods on IN THE SHADOW soon, if not to help us decide if this thing is going to be worth our time. As always be sure to keep it here for updates.

Extra Tidbit: IN THE SHADOW was shot in Paris in February 2010 and marks the directorial debut of French-Turkish filmmaker Paul Özcan.
Source: AITH



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