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04.24.2009by: Jared Pacheco
Well we've been keeping you updated on Michael Cuesta's TELL-TALE for a while now, and today we've actually got a clip for you all in our videos section!

You can actually scroll down below to check out said clip. The clip features star Josh Lucas with his heart going all 'visionary' on him. Well if this clip is any indication of the tone of the flick... I'm digging it. Plus you can't really go wrong with Josh Lucas... or the absolutely gorgeous Lena Headey (right) for that matter. You throw in Brian Cox and you got yourself something special.

TELL-TALE's synopsis reads: Terry is a struggling, single father whose life is finally looking up after becoming the recent recipient of a successful heart transplant. With a new lease on life, Terry begins to find love again in the form of a beautiful English doctor who has been helping to care for his daughter and her rare degenerative disorder. However, after a strange series of events at the local hospital, Terry soon finds his heart beating to a very different drummer. Mysteriously, it begins to slowly take hold of him, eventually leading the young father on a frantic and harrowing search to find the donor's killer before he meets a similar fate. No release date yet but check out the clip below and be sure to keep it here for updates!

Extra Tidbit: So TELL-TALE was inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's TELL-TALE HEART? Could've fooled me.
Source: AITH



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