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The 100's Marie Avgeropoulos joins Shane Taylor's thriller Isolation

05.05.2015by: Kevin Woods

marie avgeropoulos isolation shane taylor the 100

“The 100” star Marie Avgeropoulos has joined the indie thriller ISOLATION, which is now filming in Gulfport, Mississippi, according to The Wrap. She joins Dominic Purcell, Tricia Helfer and Luke Mably in the Shane Taylor-helmed film that follows...

...a couple whose relationship is in turmoil who decide to go on an island vacation in order to rejuvinate the romance. Instead, they’re stranded with a pair of smiling psychopaths.

Avgeropoulos will play Marie, described as beautiful with a very dark side, girlfriend to Dominic Purcell’s Max. Tricia Helfer and Luke Mably will play the vacationing couple Lydia and Creighton, respectively.

Taylor co-wrote the screenplay with Chad Law (DRIVE HARD, 6 BULLETS, ONE IN THE CHAMBER).

I wouldn't mind being isolated somewhere with this hottie!

Source: The Wrap



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