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The 4th Kind director Olatunde Osunsanmi has Evidence, found footage thriller

04.28.2011by: Jake Dee

Back in January we let you know Bold Films had acquired EVIDENCE, a thriller spec penned by John Swetnam. At that time, it seemed like Swetman would have the chance to direct his own script, but now, according to Variety, THE 4TH KIND director Olatunde Osunsanmi (above) is in line to helm.

Slated for a July lens date, EVIDENCE gears up when:

Police arrive at an abandoned gas station following a brutal massacre. The only evidence at the crime scene is the victims’ personal electronic devices, including a camcorder, flip Cam, and two cell phones. With nothing else to go on, a detective must analyze the bits of “found footage” to piece together the identity of the killer.

Not sure about you, but I kinda dig that premise. I like the whole detective element and how the story is as much a mystery as it is a "brutal massacre" outing. Also, the use of prevalent technology to help solve a crime and tell a story is something I find interesting, as it's of our times. I'm in!

How about you? Is the premise for EVIDENCE sound appealing? Does THE 4TH KIND weigh in your level of anticipation?

THE 4TH KIND stunner Milla Jovovich!

Extra Tidbit: Don't confuse this with another found footage film, also called EVIDENCE. That one's directed by Howie Askins.
Source: Variety



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