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The Afflicted with Kane Hodder and Leslie Easterbrook acquired; new poster

06.17.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

Acort International, in association with Nocturnal Features and Midnight Releasing, has acquired Afflicted Pictureshouse's THE AFFLICTED for distribution. The film is slated for a limited theatrical run followed by a DVD and Blu-ray release in late 2011/early 2012. Check out the poster and some stills below.

THE AFFLICTED is a psychological thriller written and directd by Jason Stoddard, as based on the true life story of Theresa Knorr. It stars Leslie Easterbrook (THE DEVIL'S REJECTS) and Kane Hodder (JASON X) along with J.D. Hart, Michele Grey, Katie Holland, Daniel Jones and Cody Allen.

Leslie Easterbrook plays the lead role of Maggie, a disturbed mother of four who delivers an unimaginable level of abuse to her children while defending her actions with her own twisted interpretations of the Bible. Kane Hodder plays the role of Hank, a husband who is desperate to leave his failed marriage and distant wife but finds leaving more difficult than he originally planned. Grace, the youngest of three sisters is the witness to the exhausting mental and physical abuse of her sisters. Escaping the wrath of their mother seems impossible and proves to be deadly. The Afflicted is a horrific story that takes you inside the lives of those who live in constant fear with no escape.

Extra Tidbit: Read the harrowing story on which the film is based on Wikipedia.
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