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The Arrow Reviews: Bates Motel Episode #10

05.21.2013by: The Arrow

EPISODE 10: Midnight

CHECKING IN: Norma (Vera Farminga) waits for the stroke of midnight to deal with Abernathy (Jere Burns) and Dylan (Max Therriot) and Bradley (Nicole Peltz) get even closer much to Norman's dismay. Moreover, Romero (Nestor Carbonell) shows us his true colors and Norman (Freddie Highmore) brings Emma (Olivia Cooke) to the school dance and of course as per the usual Bates Motel M.O. it goes sour!

THE ROOM: Last night's BATES MOTEL Season 1 finale was a fantastic episode that went against my expectations to surprise me via some of the answers it gunned my way while planting further seeds for what is sure to be a rocking and stabbing Season 2. Where do I start? How about our good friend Norma! I am starting to feel for the poor girl. I just wanted to hug her during last night's show. That whopper she dropped on Norman before he was off to the dance with Emma (great timing as usual Norma...sheesh) did explain a few things to me.  Now I know why Norma doesn't trust anybody (except Norman), why she is so obsessed with having control on everything and why she is still somewhat stuck in infancy (so well displayed during the endearing gun practice scene).

That disclosure came out of nowhere and kicked my ass all over my padded room! It also had me thinking that maybe that is why she is so distant from Dylan; her abuser is probably his father. Just a theory, don't quote me on it. It was also touching to witness Norma and Dylan warm up to each other some more. Max Therriot and Vera Farminga had well oiled chemistry together. Then again, not to take anything away from the cast, but anybody that acts with Vera in this show simply shines. She's just that good and giving of an actress! She brings out the best in everybody. 

Furthermore, we finally got some answers in terms of good old Romero. I got to hand it to the show, it had me fooled! All along, I was sure he was the kingpin of the sex trade operation and I was still threading that ground until the episode back-handed me with a change of direction. Well played Bates Motel, well played! I am glad that he didn't wind up being the big boss though, as it will make his character even more interesting come Season 2. Romero is a cop that works via his own individual code of ethics and although that played in Norma's favor this time, it might go against her in the future. Just ask Abernathy! He'll tell ya!

On his end, Norman was having a mucho hard time, still too obsessed with hottie Bradley Martin (aka his first Marion Crane) to appreciate Emma. Wake up dude! You have a great girl right in front of ya!  Nab her already! Finally, talk about a pulverizing cliffhanger! As the show's end credits rolled I thought to myself “We're entering full on PSYCHO territory come Season 2”. That was my knee jerk reaction to that cap off. NOTE: Nice touch in having Norma dressed up as Mother from the PYSCHO series in Norman's hallucination. With that, this show likes to play the slight of hand game like it's going out of style. I'm on to it now and I don't think the cap-off was as black and white as I initially thought it was. Remember that brief disturbing phone call with “somebody” that Miss Watson had (we will miss you Keegan Connor Tracy)? Well if this show is to go beyond Season 2, I have a feeling they won't pull the “Norman goes full on Psycho” trigger this early. Norman will not be the one responsible for her fate, the mysterious caller will be. I said it! One thing is for certain though, Norman's trances prompted by sexual desires are starting to get out of hand. The older the kid will get, the more he'll get them, the more he'll get them, the more bad things will happen. Yup we're in for a ride come Season 2! 

This was yet another fantastically acted, bold, racy, often funny (they've been running with the circumstantial humor since the last episode – I like it), well written and topsy-turvy episode. It gave me some answers and slyly posed new questions! The chess pieces were re-aligned and Season 2 should be a doozy! On the whole, Bates Motel played it smart throughout its first Season! Not only were the dire going-ons frequent and severe but the characters and their relationships were deliciously fleshed out and draped in biting shades of grey. I care about these people, no matter how f*cked up they are. Props to all involved in this show and thank you for a riveting first Season. I'll miss you Bates Motel!  

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Did Norman sleep with Miss Watson? It can be yes, then he ran off and somebody killed her. Or it can be no, he hit her or something and then somebody came and finished her off. I opt for the latter theory. You?

Is Abernathy (Jere Burns) truly dead? I don't know man....

Will Dylan and Bradley take their flirtatious relationship further? I say YES! Will Norman lose his beans? I say YES. But what will result from that? I have no idea. I just hope that Dylan survives Season 2.

I have a feeling that the mystery caller named Eric that was talking to Miss Watson will be taking a road trip to Bates Motel come Season 2 to have a chat with Norman.  





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