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The Arrow Reviews: Bates Motel, Episode #5

04.16.2013by: The Arrow

EPISODE 5: Ocean View.

CHECKING IN: Norma (Vera Farmiga) is in jail; Norman (Freddie Highmore) and Emma (Olivia Cooke) see their investigation into the sex-slave thing come to fruition while Dylanís (Max Theriot) foray into the criminal world has its first true hick-up

THE ROOM: And it erupts! For four episodes the happenings in BATES MOTEL have been boiling and in this Episode 5 it overflowed to gripping results! Am really digging the contrast that comes with Fred Vogelís character of Deputy Shelby and it was jacked up to a higher level here at the end of the episode. I mean the dude obviously genuinely cares for Norma, put his ass on the line to help her out, hence upping my sympathy factor for him, but yet, at the end something sinister was confirmed about him, and† it threw me for a loop the loop. I knew it was coming but was hoping that the show was messing with me and that I was wrong. No dice! I canít wait to see where theyíre going to go with this sordid plot line come the next episode! How the hell is pretty boy Deputy going to justify that shite to Norma? Put your best pimp hat on and slap on primo cologne Shelby, youíre gonna need it to wiggle out of this one!†

Moreover on this round, Norma showed us more of her true wacked out colors. Up to this point, Iíve liked Norma, yeah sheís neurotic and yeah sheís a little too close to her son for comfort, but she seemed like a good person, trying to do the right thing with the limited toolbox that she has. She's also damn hot! But in this episode the coo-coo was out of the nest and I turned on her (Vera Farmiga is constantly fantastic in the role, had to say it again). Talk about a selfish and emotionally manipulative bitch! I couldnít believe how she treated Norman, who on his end just wanted to support her. Norma will only get worse from here on end, till Norman snaps that is and... we know the rest.

The direction the Dylan and Norman relationship went greased me right as well. That scene with them on the motorcycle (backed up my a sweet score) and Normanís glowing face, enjoying the moment (obviously his first time on a bike) was touching to say the least. Sadly, this will go to shits. Norman is stuck in the middle between Dylan and his Momma and as per the convo both brothers had, we all know that when he will be forced to choose one side or the other, Dylan will get the axe (and I say Norma will do it), in my opinion of course. Am just talking here. Big props to Max Theriot BTW, his perfomance here was bang on, he conveyed the nuances that his chacater now has to a T. Good for him!

On the flip side, am still sticking to what I have been saying in my past Bates Motel reviews; thereís too much CRAZY drama going on in this show and now I can also say that itís unravelling maybe a little too fast for its own good. I would milk the varied plot lines a bit more, build on them further before letting them reach their curves, but thatís just me. Am just scared that the show will lose the momentum it has and possibly enter a ďludicrousĒ zone in terms of how many bad things can happen to a small group of people in one freaking town?! Maybe I just need to re-wire my brain, Iíve never been one to watch soap operas, so am not in the groove of that format of storytelling, clearly Bates Motel is ALL ABOUT that jive. Am working on it...

With that, I gotta to give it to the show so far, I am fully invested in the characters (Freddie Highmore is truly amazing as Norman Bates, I am really attached to him), the situations and I mucho care about whatís going to happen next. It also still manages to suprise me (all about the BANG/SPLAT Dylan witnessed) which is always swell! I look forward to Bates Motel every week! Alas, this may be my last quasi review of the show (not really reviews, just me talking about what went down and giving my two cents), the shares and comments are low on these, so I may cancel the column. How this one does will define that! Weíll see! Either way, till next Tuesday Bates Motel! Get my room ready! I am here to stay!

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Why wonít Bradley (the girl Norman bedded) answer his calls/texts? My theory: Norman killed Bradley, sheís dead. Anybody with me on that?

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You know the BATES MOTEL site Norma was looking at in this episode? Itís actually online HERE!





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