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The Arrow talks with Fango about his film The Shelter starring Michael Pare!

10.02.2013by: Eric Walkuski

As most of you know by now, Arrow in the Head's main man John "The Arrow" Fallon is currently preparing his directorial debut, THE SHELTER, a psychological thriller set to star Michael Pare. The project is currently seeking production funds via crowdfunding site Indiegogo and is eying a January start date.

It's a film we're very stoked for, not just because our fearless leader is working on it, but because it's a throwback to the twisty horror movies of the 70s that we're constantly on the look out for. In a recent interview with Fangoria, Fallon let us all in on what to expect from the film:

THE SHELTER is a bit of a genre bender in the sense that it’s a horror film, a mystery, a character study, a mindf*ck, a spiritual journey and much more, all at the same time. It has a lot of layers to it, and if I go by the folks that have read the screenplay thus far, most get something different out of it, which was my intent,” proclaims Fallon. “Although THE SHELTER sports familiar elements, such as a creepy house, unexplained happenings etc., it goes much further than that thematically and has a fairly unpredictable chain of events. To give you an idea: one of our key locations is a frozen lake, draped in snow. So it’s much more than a dude trapped in a spooked house movie.”

Check out Fangoria to read the complete interview. And to support THE SHELTER, head over to Indiegogo. There are only 9 more days for the film to achieve its desired goal, so help out if you can!

Take a tour of THE SHELTER house!

Source: Fangoria



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