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The blood flows like water in this new Byzantium international trailer

04.16.2013by: Kevin Woods

The more I see from Neil Jordan's upcoming vampire epic BYZANTIUM, the more I like. So far we've seen a couple of trailers for the Gemma Arterton-starring flick, the most recent being an international trailer that looked sexy and thought-provoking, but left me wanting more. And more is exactly what we're getting with this newest international trailer that debuted over on Yahoo UK earlier today. More footage, more sexiness and, most importantly (to me, at least), more blood. Yep, it's a literal waterfall of the red stuff here, folks. Check it out below.

Eleanor and Clara, two mysterious and penniless young women, flee the scene of a violent crime and arrive in a run-down coastal resort. They try to find money and refuge along the tawdry seafront and in the dilapidated hotels. Clara, ever-practical, sells her body. She soon meets shy and lonely Noel, who provides a roof over their heads in his seedy guesthouse, Byzantium. Clara, always looking towards the future, turns it into a ‘pop-up’ brothel.

Meanwhile Eleanor, the eternal schoolgirl, meets Frank, a kindred spirit who unwittingly prompts her to tell the truth about her life. She tells him that Clara is her mother; yet Clara is only a few years older. She says that she was born in 1804; yet she is just sixteen. She confesses that she must drink human blood to stay alive – and so must her mother. In the small, quiet town, people start to die.

BYZANTIUM stars Arterton, Ronan, Sam Riley, Jonny Lee Miller, Caleb Landry Jones and Tom Hollander. IFC will release it on June 28th.

Source: Yahoo UK



Spitting Bullets
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2:22PM on 04/16/2013

Ummm you posted this exact same trailer months ago

Looking forward to this. But get your act together. Recycling old articles?!
Looking forward to this. But get your act together. Recycling old articles?!
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