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The Breed DVD art

05.09.2007by: Scott Carmichael

Who doesn't enjoy a killer animal movie once in a while? Everyone has their favorite; hell my girlfriend's parents love ANACONDA! Well if you're the type who enjoys a good killer dog movie, than we've got some good news for you because we just scored the DVD art for THE BREED and it's looking cool.

For those who haven't heard of THE BREED, it follows a group of friends who fly away to a deserted island for a weekend excursion. They realize that this beautiful getaway was once controlled by a special canine research unit and it will soon become their biggest nightmare. Inspired by horror classics...The Breed takes you into the jaws of a flesh eating pack of wild dogs, genetically engineered to hunt and kill. Outnumbered and trapped they struggle to outsmart and outrun this terrifying species.

The flick was directed by Nick Mastandrea and produced by horror legend Wes Craven. And while killer dogs aren't exactly my bag (I've always been a giant insect kind of guy) I'll definitely be checking out THE BREED (cover art seen above) when it hits DVD shelves May 22nd.

Oh Michelle Rodriguez you look good when you smile, so what's the deal with the tough girl scowl all the time?
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