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The Caller writer Sergio Cassi ascends The Devil's Stairs

08.31.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Writer Sergio Cassi, scribe behind THE CALLER, which we recently treated you to four clips from, is already on the move with his next project, an adaptation of the Helen Fitzgerald book THE DEVIL'S STAIRCASE.

“It’s about this young Australian girl who’s running away from home,” Casci told Fangoria. “She meets these friends. I don’t know if you’ve ever been backpacking; you meet people and in two days, you feel they’re like your closest family. You’re with them 24 hours, and suddenly you feel like you know them; they’re your best friends ever. The fact is, you don’t know anything about them. You feel like you do, but you don’t. That’s a scary place to be."

Obviously, there's more to it, and if you want to know what, then here's the book's product description: Bronny, a young Australian, finds herself down and out in London. She's a sweet girl who has spent her teenage years in a fearful, cautious bubble. She's never taken drugs, had sex or killed anyone. Within six weeks she's done all three. A group of backpackers break into an abandoned London townhouse seeking a rent-free life of debauchery. They don't realise someone's already there: a terrified woman bound and gagged in the basement.

Aussies Claire Mundell of Synchronicity Films (CRYING WITH LAUGHTER) and Marian Macgowan of Macgowan Films (DEATH DEFYING ACTS) are attached to produce THE DEVIL'S STAIRCASE, although the project doesn't have a director as of yet.

THE CALLER star Rachel Levre

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Source: Fangoria



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