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The Conjuring to get not one but three spin-off films?!

11.11.2013by: Eric Walkuski

Last week brought the news that THE CONJURING's creepy little Annabelle doll proved to be so popular that she'll be getting her very own spin-off film. (That of course would be in addition to a proper follow-up, THE CONJURING 2.) But today we learn that Warner Bros. has become so enamored of its franchise starter that it's contemplating three spin-off movies!

Bloody Disgusting reports that the studio will develop three micro-budget flicks based on the files of Ed and Lorraine Warren. The first flick will be the doll-centric one (apparently being referred to as "The Annabelle Story"), while the plots of the other two have not been released yet.

Cinematographer John R. Leonetti is apparently directing the Annabelle spin-off alongside John Darko; production may begin as early as next month.

Is Warner Bros. going overboard with its CONJURING love, or are they making the right moves here? Let us know what you think!

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