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The CW passes on Tales from the Darkside series

05.07.2015by: Ryan Miller

Tales from the Darkside

It’s been no secret that The CW was looking to reinvent the classic anthology series Tales from the Darkside with writer Joe Hill, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci behind it. And while the idea of a new Tales from the Darkside is no doubt an exciting one, I’m not so sure that The CW would have been the right home for it.

Unfortunately, however, we’ll never really know because according to Deadline, the network ultimately passed on the series due to some uncertainty about how the anthology format would work through multiple seasons. Also, the show was in need of a showrunner. And just like that, Tales from the Darkside was no more.

If you're curious, The CW’s version of Darkside was being described as a reinvention of the horror/fantasy/thriller anthology and based on the 1980s series. Each episode will be completely different and contain at least one separate story, with new actors expected every hour—making it a true anthology in the vein of the original and other series including "The Twilight Zone", and, more recently, "Black Mirror".

Tales from the Darkside

Extra Tidbit: Are you bummed to see The CW pass on this one?
Source: Deadline



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