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The Dark Tower won't die; Howard and Grazer retool for next year

08.17.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Those of you dismayed by Universal's decision to nix Ron Howard and Brian Grazer's epic adaptation of Stephen King's DARK TOWER book series need not worry too much: The duo has not thrown in the towel and remain confidant they'll be able to finance the project. It will just take a little longer than expected...

As you'll recall, the idea was to split the material into a series of movies and television episodes; a wildly ambitious plan that contributed to Universal's cancellation of the venture. Grazer spoke to the NY Post about the current plans for the franchise, saying that they are “trying to get outside financing to make it, and distribute it through a major [studio].”

The plan to go through with the TV spin-offs is still in effect, although Grazer is weighing options about what networks to go to, and is even considering Netflix. However, because both he and Howard have moved on to other things, we won't be seeing THE DARK TOWER go into pre-production before next year, June being the soonest they could rev things up again.

Good news, all things considered, as it would be truly depressing if this potentially amazing project never gets off the ground. And with Javier Bardem reportedly still attached as "Roland", the undertaking that got us all excited a few months ago may still yet come to pass.

Ron Howard's daughter, Bryce

Extra Tidbit: Do you feel like some of the shine has been taken off THE DARK TOWER, or are you as stoked as you were before about its potential?
Source: NY Post



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