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The Devil's Rejects' Bill Moseley updates Manson Girls, All-American Massacre, more

05.24.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

Bill Moseley is one of the genre's biggest cult icons. With credits that include THE DEVIL'S REJECTS, HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2, REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA, ARMY OF DARKNESS, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and HALLOWEEN - it's no wonder why.

The actor spoke to Fangoria about some of his upcoming work. He recently shot a film called THE INFLICTION with Sid Haig, Doug Bradley and Giovanni Lombardo Radice in Texas. He'll soon be headed to Barcelona soon to work on MUGWORTH: THE REAL CHRISTMAS TALE with Debbie Rochon, Michael Berryman and Darren Smith.

What we were particularly interested in, though, is MANSON GIRLS, in which Moseley will play Charles Manson. The film is shooting in Puerto Rico in July under the direction of Susanna Lo. who also penned the script. Here is what Moseley had to say about the tackling the role:

"I get nervous about playing any living, historical figure, especially someone like Charles Manson. But when I looked at some interviews with Manson on YouTube, I realized that not only did he have a pretty good sense of humor, he was a poet to boot. I don't mind as much going to the dark places if I have a little light to balance it out."

Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that Moseley is still working to get William Hooper's ALL-AMERICAN MASSACRE off the ground. The film is a tribute/spin-off/prequel to TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2, with Moseley reprising his role as Chop Top. A trailer for the flick, conceived as a short years ago, exists but nothing more. They've turned to Kickstater to finally bring it to life.

"I'm trying to help William 'Tony' Hooper, Tobe's son, finance the completion of his long-lost ALL-AMERICAN MASSACRE movie. Anyone who cares to contribute to Tony's horror debut can go to Kickstarter.com and type in ALL-AMERICAN MASSACRE."

Now that we know what Moseley will be up to for the next year or so, which of these projects are you most looking forward to?

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Bil Moseley performance?
Source: Fangoria



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