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The Devil's Rooming House to chronicle the tale of America's most prolific female serial killer

11.20.2013by: Kevin Woods

Peter Facinelli‘s A7SLE Films has snapped up rights to true-story saga THE DEVIL'S ROOMING HOUSE, M. William Phelps’ chronicle of early 20th century murderess Amy Archer-Gilligan (pictured right), according to Deadline.

Credited as America’s most prolific female serial killer, Archer-Gilligan ran a nursing home that played host to a curiously high number of fatalities between 1907 and 1917. Most of the deaths were found to be caused by poisoning, and bulk arsenic buyer “Sister Amy” was eventually found guilty of murder. Her story later inspired Joseph Kesselring’s 1939 play ARSENIC AND OLD LACE and its subsequent film adaptation starring Cary Grant.

Facinelli's A7SLE Films just finished production on director Simon Rumley's upcoming paranormal-themed thriller THE LAST WORD, which we first told you about HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Have you heard of Amy Archer-Gilligan and her horrific crimes before?
Source: Deadline



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