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The F*ckin Black Sheep: Thir13en Ghosts (Video)

03.21.2017by: Eric Walkuski

'Tis time for another exclusive video edition of The F*cking Black Sheep, where we take a movie most people hate and give you a few reasons to re-examine the poor maligned bastard. On this week's platter is the 2001 Dark Castle production THIR13EN GHOSTS, starring Tony Shalhoub, Shannon Elizabeth, Embeth Davidtz, F. Murray Abraham and Matthew Lillard. What a cast. What a movie.

I'll be honest, this movie doesn't necessarily work for me personally, but my man Lance Vlcek - who created the video - still makes some good points in its favor. The production design? Awesome. Practical make-up effects? Superb. (Thanks, KNB!) Character deaths? Killer. Hell, maybe I'll just have to check this one out again. If only I could watch a version that edited out Lillard, Rah Digga and that unspeakably annoying little kid.

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Extra Tidbit: What are your thoughts on THIR13EN GHOSTS?



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