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The Forest will snag you with these Natalie Dormer-Taylor Kinney clips

01.04.2016by: Brennan Klein

Since when did movie promotion become posting the entire film on YouTube in one minute chunks? THE FOREST is attempting what THE GALLOWS couldn't manage to do: win over the audience with a cavalcade of promo clips. At any rate, it looks loads better and it's not found footage, so it just might work. Below, you can find four new videos depicting different horrors set upon our stars Natalie Dormer and Taylor Kinney. Check them out!


A young American woman, Sara (Dormer), journeys there in search of her twin sister, who has mysteriously disappeared. In the company of expatriate Aiden (Kinney), Sara enters the forest having been well warned to “stay on the path.” Determined to discover the truth about her sister’s fate, Sara will have to face the angry and tormented souls of the dead that prey on anyone who dares come near them. These malevolent spirits lying in wait for Sara at every turn will plunge her into a frightening darkness from which she must fight to save herself.

Directed by Jason Zada and starring Natalie Dormer, Taylor Kinney, Yukiyoshi Ozawa, and Eoin Macken, THE FOREST will rustle into theaters on January 8th.

Extra Tidbit: Which clip sells you on the movie the most?



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