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The full promo poster for "Dexter" Season 7 reveals 'He Saw, She Saw'

08.10.2012by: Jared Pacheco
Over the past couple of days I've been giving you little teases of a new promo poster for Showtime's upcoming seventh season of "Dexter." First we got our star's glaring eye then his knowing smirk. Now it all comes together!

Today we've got a look at the full poster for "Dexter" Season 7 and it offers a little surprise there slashed across 'Dexter's' cheek. We've seen 'Dexter' slash countless victims during the show's run but now 'Dexter' himself seems to be on the receiving end. Intriguing. The new poster also offers the taglines 'He Saw, She Saw' and 'It's all on the table.' Clever. Just scroll on down below to tap that shite for yourself.

Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Desmond Harrington, James Remar, David Zayas, C.S. Lee, Ray Stevenson, Santiago Cabrera, Katia Winter, Matt Gerald, Lauren Velez, Yvonne Strahovski (below), Jason Gedrick and Calista Flockhart are all set to star in the hit Showtime drama when it returns on September 30th.

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Extra Tidbit: Before "Dexter" Michael C. Hall tapped the series "Six Feet Under." Any good?
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