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The Gate director developing Spider in 3D for Nu Image with teaser poster to prove it

05.13.2010by: Ammon Gilbert

Nothing (and I mean nothing) is more awesome than a giant spider (or bug or reptile or anything else that is normally very small) attacking a city. Throw in the 3D gimmick, and you have yourselves a date for awesomeness in this guy's pathetic and totally skewed opinion.

Which is why the thought of Tibor Takacs (director of THE GATE) developing SPIDER IN 3D for Nu Image has me so gosh-darn excited. I mean, seriously, how cool does this sound: a new species of poisonous spider is discovered in the caves of Afghanistan and inadvertently makes its way to New York City where it mutates to gigantic proportions and wreaks havoc on the entire city.

Tell me that doesn't sound amazing. If you need more reasons to get pumped for this flick, check out the teaser artwork below. Now that looks like a movie I wanna see!

At this point, SPIDER IN 3D is still in the developmental stage,as they don't have any stars attached or anything like that. But it does have a killer poster, and a 'solid' director, so it's pretty much as good as made. The details as to whether this will go theaterical or straight to DVD/Blu-ray has not been determined yet either. Hell, it might even end up as a Saturday night SyFy Original Movie. We shall see.

In the meantime, enjoy the new teaser poster, think of all the possibilities for a building-size spider in 3D (all that fun with web slinging), and get ready for more on SPIDER IN 3D as we hear it!

Now there's a giant spider I wouldn't mind being attacked by...

Extra Tidbit: Imagine SPIDER VS GIANT OCTOPUS VS MEGA SHARK VS MEGA PIRANHA VS MEGA SNAKE. Most epic movie ever? Oh wait--then imagine it in 3D. NOW it's the most epic movie ever.
Source: Nu Image



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