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The Incident, directed by Alexandre Courtès, is now Asylum Blackout

04.13.2012by: Andy Madrzak

Less than a month away from the film's premiere seems like a tad late to change its title, but there you have it - Alexandre Courtès' thriller previously known as THE INCIDENT has been officially renamed ASYLUM BLACKOUT.

George, Max, and Ricky are in a rock band and waiting for their big breakthrough. Between small gigs and rehearsals they work in the kitchen of a high-security asylum for good pay at minimum risk — they have no physical contact with the inmates. One night just before dinnertime, a big storm shuts down the security system, the doors open, and the lunatics break loose. Help is on its way and should soon arrive ... they just have to survive until it does.

ASYLUM BLACKOUT stars Dave Legen, Rupert Evans, Kenny Doughty, Anna Skellern and Richard Brake. The movie is set for a limited theatrical release on May 4th.

Source: IFC



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